1. The time has come for the Pro-Life Generation to lead the way forward in a Post-Roe America. And we’re uniting Americans: Republican, Democrat, Progressive, and Conservative, with a roadmap for our leaders at all levels of government.

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Reverse Roe v. Wade

Reverse Roe v. WadeDoe v. Bolton

Defund Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry

Promote Adoption


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Enshrine Protection for HUMAN LIFE in the Womb in the Law

End the Chemical Abortion Cartel

Support Pregnant & Parenting Women on Campus

Enshrine Protection for HUMAN LIFE in the Womb in the Law. Life begins at conception, so that is when the law must begin to protect life.

  • Legislation at the state and federal levels should provide the most generous protections possible to life in the womb like Life at Conception Acts or Heartbeat Abortion Bans. 
  • People of good will may have different approaches for how best to protect life in the womb in the Post-Roe era. However, we must keep working together to promote a Culture of Life that ensures every preborn child, no matter the circumstances of their conception, has legal protection allowing them to be born.

Kristan Hawkins
President of Students for Life of America & Students for Life Action
Host of Explicitly Pro-Life podcast

Charlotte Pence Bond
Proud Daughter of Mike & Karen Pence
Author, speaker, and film maker

Cissie Graham Lynch
Communications Advisor for Samaritan’s Purse & The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Host of Fearless podcast
Michael Knowles
Host of the Michael Knowles Show

Lila Rose
Founder and President of Live Action

Christina Bennett
Communications Director at the Family Institute of Connecticut,
Member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition,
Co-Chair of Pro-Life Voices for Trump

Melissa Ohden
Founder & Director of The Abortion Survivors Network
Saline Abortion Survivor

Yvonne Florczak Seeman
President and Founder of POWER Inc.
Protectors of Women’s EQUAL Rights

Rebecca Hagelin
CEO of United in Purpose

Alfonso Aguilar
President of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles

The Honorable Ken Blackwell
Former U.S. Ambassador for United Nation Human Rights Commission

Joseph O’ Farrell
Strategist and Development Consultant

Joseph J. Flynn
President & CEO of Global Telehealth Services

Mike Gonidakis
President of Ohio Right to Life

Abby Johnson
Founder of And Then There Were None & Pro-Love Ministries
Former Clinic Director of Planned Parenthood College Station

Terrisa Bukovinac
Founder of Pro-Life San Francisco
Board Member of Democrats for Life

Alexandra Clark
Host of Poplitics with Turning Point USA

Kelsey Hazzard
Founder & President of Secular Pro-Life

Lauren Green McAfee
Author and Speaker
Kassy Dillon
Founder & President of Lone Conservative* 

Joshua Edmonds
Executive Director of Georgia Life Alliance

Steven Ertelt
Editor at LifeNews.com

Steven W. Mosher
President of Population Research Institute

Jason Trennert
Chairman of Strategas Research Partners, a Wall Street research boutique

David Daleiden
Founder of Center for Medical Progress

Nick Loeb
Actor, Producer, and Director of 
Roe v Wade The Untold Story Movie

Jason Jones
Founder of Movie to Movement

Tonya Baker Nelson
Founder & CEO of Hand of Hope Pregnancy Centers

Penny Young Nance
CEO & President of Concerned Women for America LAC

*Organization name listed for identification purposes only.


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Encourage Family-Friendly, Work-Friendly Employment

Hold Corporate Abortion Accountable by tracking life and health repercussions of abortion

Defund Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry

  • Planned Parenthood and other entities that engage in committing abortions should not be funded by the American taxpayer through federal or state laws or be eligible for funding. The abortion industry must be defunded. 
    • Planned Parenthood and similar organizations should not be eligible for federal funding under Title V or Title X. 
    • Federal funding should not be provided for international organizations that promote or provide abortions. 
    • Entities that engage in fetal tissue research should be barred from federal funding. 

End the Chemical Abortion Cartel – Chemical Abortions end human life and now are the most common abortion procedure in America. 

  • Enact new state and federal laws, where appropriate. 
  • End the sale and distribution of chemical abortion pills via the mail, which is currently prohibited by the law in certain circumstances.
  • Enforce existing laws prohibiting the distribution of chemical abortion pills via the mail. 
  • Require emergency rooms and other health care entities to accurately report chemical abortions. 
  • Require environmental assessment on the impact of chemical abortion drugs, fetal remains, and tainted human tissue in wastewater 
    • Chemical abortion results in the baby being disposed of in wastewater. 
    • Apart from the destruction of life and the tremendous physical damage to the mother, the environmental damage from chemical abortion must be addressed. 
  • Restore health and safety standards for chemical abortion drugs that were lifted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 
    • In December 2021, the Biden FDA lifted the Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy (REMS) standards that were applied to chemical abortion pills to protect mothers. These REMS are necessary to let women know how dangerous chemical abortion pills are. 
    • Without these warnings, the health of mothers and their children are at risk.

Promote Adoption – A moral imperative exists to promote adoption as the life-affirming and family-building alternative to the violence of abortion.

  • States, localities, non-profits, and faith-based groups should be encouraged to develop plans to help pregnant mothers feel empowered to choose adoption and supported throughout the process. 
  • State and local social services should be incentivized to promote adoption. 
  • State adoption procedures should be streamlined. 
  • Reforms in our foster care system must be made.

Support Pregnant & Parenting Women on Campus

  • Pregnant mothers on campuses should not be treated as outcasts. Instead, they should be fully integrated into campus life, have their needs reasonably accommodated, and be honored for choosing life. Mothers and fathers on campus should be treated similarly. 
    • Pregnant women on campus should not be stigmatized and should be supported during their pregnancy as while they parent their child.
    • Medical, emotional, pre- and post-natal care should be facilitated by campuses across the country for their pregnant students. 
    • If schools have pre-existing daycare and child support services, they should be encouraged to make them available for parenting students. If they do not exist, they should be encouraged to create them. 
    • Housing should be provided for pregnant students, as outlined by Title IX. 
    • Flexibility should exist in scheduling classes for pregnant and parenting women on campus, as well as fathers. 
    • Necessities such as diaper decks, preferred parking for pregnant and parenting students, and nursing rooms should be established and publicized. 

Encourage Family-Friendly, Work-Friendly Employment

  • Expanding Child tax credits, which provide financial assistance for eligible families in the form of reduced tax liability for each qualifying child, this should be expanded at the federal level and encouraged at the state level.
  • States and localities should encourage employers to provide family-friendly and work-friendly environments and ensure legal protections for parents seeking flexible work arrangements. 
    • Raising families requires flexibility. 
      • Employers should allow their workers flexibility in their schedules to raise their families. 
      • The Family and Medical Leave Act must be improved to support families in their efforts to raise their children. 
      • Companies should be incentivized to provide paid family leave and flexible work schedules to their employees. 
    • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act should be publicized and enforced. 
    • The Family and Medical Leave Act should be publicized and enforced. 

Hold Corporate Abortion Accountable by tracking life and health repercussions of abortion.

  • The President and members of Congress are both calling for MORE abortion and federal dollars spent on advertising for abortion, without any verifiable federal assessment of the short and long-term implications of abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry claims that abortion is “safe” and, yet, unlike other medical events, like pregnancy, mandatory abortion reporting does not take place. 
    • Other industries are not permitted to self-regulate. Other healthcare providers engage in regular reporting.
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